Remediation specialists in CT
Remediation specialists in CT

AES Remedial Contracting Testimonials

“As an environmental consulting firm based in Connecticut, we have worked with AES for more than 10 years on various remediation projects. Examples of these projects included the excavation of pesticide-impacted soil from around the foundations of three residential buildings, installation of complex in-situ remediation systems, and excavation of PCB-impacted soil from a high-end office park. Much of this work required that procedures be conducted in accordance with strict state and/or federal regulations. During all phases of these projects, AES provided professional, responsive, and cost-effective services. We have found them to be flexible even during changing work scopes and conditions. Because many of our projects are located on sensitive residential or commercial properties, we often rely on AES to help us ‘look good’ to our clients and other involved parties. They have consistently maintained a clean and safe work area; provided us with regular updates on budgets and technical issues; and restored the property to original conditions when the project was complete. It has been a pleasure to work with AES on these projects, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.”

“I've worked with the principals of AES Remedial Contracting for almost 20 years and I highly recommend AES for all types of environmental remediation projects ranging from simple excavations to complex multi-remediation and environmental restoration projects. The staff at AES are highly-skilled and innovative professionals. The breadth of their general construction and remedial construction experience, and their ability to think outside of the box, makes them a solid addition to any team trying to implement cost and time-effective solutions to remedial challenges.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with AES on many different projects over the past several years. These projects have included the installation of sub-slab and above-grade piping within active manufacturing plants; removal and replacement of concrete floors within large manufacturing buildings; and excavation of impacted soils under difficult logistical constraints. During the execution of each project, AES demonstrated the capabilities, knowledge and experience to complete each assignment in a professional and timely manner. AES's staff is always responsive, attentive to details, and proactive when dealing with unforeseen problems. These traits provide consultants with confidence that they have engaged a project team partner rather than just as subcontractor focused simply on completion of their task.”

“We have worked with AES on a wide variety of environmental projects over the past 15 years. AES has continually given upfront insight into carrying out projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. AES is consistently well prepared to complete the project at hand. They are hard working and dedicated to not only getting the job done, but getting it done well, often exceeding expectations. They take a lot of pride and care in their work. AES is very responsive to project needs when conditions are other than expected, and they are quick to provide us with many resources to draw upon. We recommend them without reservation.”

“Having worked with AES for over a decade, we appreciate their ability to solve difficult field issues in a common sense and cost-effective manner. Whether working to decontaminate building interiors or remediating soil and ground water, AES utilizes experience and knowledge to minimize disruptions and complete projects on time. AES provides a competitive price, but it is their ability to devise effective means and methods to complete a project that keeps us returning to them for services.”

“AES is easy to work with and knows how to successfully complete remediation projects. They are reliable and dependable. AES personnel provide frequent status updates and offer suggestions for more efficient ways to complete projects. AES is also very knowledgeable about contaminated soil and hazardous waste disposal, and helpful with preparing disposal paperwork. AES's operators and laborers are hard working and dedicated to getting the job done right.”